Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Trip To The Zoo/$300 Cash Giveaway

The Baltimore Zoo!

Happy Tuesday Dolls!
I went on a trip to the Baltimore Zoo the other day and as always I took Nunah with me. As a service dog she gets to go places that most dogs wouldn't. This is what makes our trips so much fun!! The animals were surprised and so so curious. 

 Our first stop was the flamingos and I have to say they're definitely one of my favorites. Their color is beyond beautiful, and they have the coolest temperaments. The females were sitting on little mounds, just nudging the little area as f it were a nest. The males were standing around fluffing their feathers up, and spreading their wings to try and make themselves look bigger and be seen, as most men!! Those that were otherwise engaged in mating rituals were so mellow, just standing around on one leg, dipping their heads in the water. As they say just chillin', they were the least impressed by our presence. 

 Next up was the Giraffes and wow where they tall. I have to say Noon and the male giraffe were involved in a staring match for some time. He was really interested in us, so much so that he followed us from end to end of his big enclosure. There were three of them in one area, and another two females in the inner section. I wanted to take Noon up to the feeding platform with me, but I figured it may upset them both being that close together, so I passed on that idea. 

They had such long legs that when they walked fast, it looked like they were running. As you can see in the picture they appear to be in a hurry, but in all actuality their just galloping along in. They had the loudest clop like some massive clydesdale horses. As we were leaving their enclosure they had this little board that you could stick your head into for a picture. I just couldn't help myself, I had Rob hold Nunah so I could take a!!

Its sooooo cute!!  
The Afrian enclosure was next up, they had a Rhino, an Ostrich and a bunch of other stork like birds all running around together in the one area. It's neat because they are in an atmosphere just like in the wild, that I think is cool. Bummer they were so far away, I wasn't able to get a good picture. Plus it was a gray day, and due to the overcast there was no good sunlight. Hence the dull images, which I apologize for. Next time I'm taking the good camera and lenses. This was a last minute thing that we just decided to do, so I didn't have the opportunity to take all of my gear. The big cats were not out in their cages, which was super disappointing because they're my favorite. While it's a shame these animals are here and not in the wild running free, it makes me wonder if they're not safer. I mean at least here they're free from predators, and the selfish evil humans that kill them for their skin and bones. There are so few leopards and tigers in the world today, that they could be gone from the world forever. There safe here for the most part...aside from that story I heard that in Africa poachers literally went inside the Zoo and killed a Rhino and sawed off his tusk. They tried to get the 2nd one but their tools failed, thank goodness because it saved that animals life. 

This is one of the stork like birds I was talking about. It had bright red eyes, and the coolest markings on the inner feathers of it's wings. It would stand there and spread them out, and wow did these little guys move around fast. They would do this running thing and spread their wings to kinda coast around on the breeze, it was neat. 

 I have to say the coolest animals were the primates, they were so neat with the way they reacted to Nunah. This little guy was so sweet and gentile, he took his little hands and put them thru the tiny bars as if to reach out to Nunah. It was the cutest thing, not to mention his adorable style...his eyes were so wild looking that they were almost hypnotizing. They were bright yellow, with the tiny black pupil dots in the middle. Then he had this fluff on either side, with a black line down the middle. Almost like a reverse!! 

 The best was the Chimp enclosure, wow you guys would not believe it. I wish I could post a video here, because you would be amazed. The minute they noticed us every chimp in the enclosure came up to us and crowded around the little area where we stood. One big male grabbed a barrel and brought it up right in front of us and sat down. He then started tapping on the glass to Nunah, as to get her attention. Noon sniffed at the class curiously in was so cute. Until he started hitting and kicking the glass very hard, he got upset when he couldn't touch her I guess. Wow are they strong, I had no idea how hard hey could hit. Noon heard that and said I'm outta here, and I don't blame her it can be a bit scary, especially for a little 15lb minpin. 

I have to say it was a great little day trip, and definitely something I can see us doing again as a family in the near future. I think next time we'll go to the DC zoo, and I make sure i bring the good! Each animal had it's own little personality and swagger, I can definitely see now where the writer for Madagascar got the idea. Each animal is so neat in their own way, and an amazing creation. I guess we know who the real artist is huh? 
Well you guys have a good one, I recently got the cutest new duds for Nunah, and the yummiest Dessert Diva post coming up on Saturday, so make sure you stop back. May will be a very busy month, along with some great giveaways. 

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PS...Do you have any ideas for a dun day trip??

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  1. Wow, what an awesome zoo! I loved the pics of your dog, especially the one with the monkey. :) I definitely can't wait to take my kids to our local zoo soon, thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you!! It was an amazing trip, they were all so interested in Nunah. We plan to go to the bigger zoo in's should be even more fun!! You should all def go there's so much to see and do!! So much fun 💋💋

  2. Looks like a wonderful place!

  3. Looks like a fun trip . Nunah seems to be enjoying the whole experience !

  4. Aww I love animals! Looks like a fun trip!

  5. Aww I love animals! Looks like a fun trip!

  6. Wow that looks like fun! I haven't been to the zoo in ages!